Containers for Onions and Potatoes: Flowerpots

If you are the ones who are interested in decoration and wish to have unique objects in your home,  then it is time for you to use your creativity. Here is a both original and decorative idea for your kitchen!  Instead of plastic bags,  you can keep your onions and potatoes in decorative flowerpots. Colorful and patterned flowerpots will add beauty into your kitchens.

decorative flowerpots

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white flowerpots

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A Romantic Coffee Table From English Home

“English Home” is one of the leading  decoration companies, which mostly stresses the “country style”.  You can find many alternatives in terms of decoration in “English Home” stores from home textiles to accessories. When entering an “English Home” store, you will be captivated by colorful and patterned curtains, decorative pillows, table clothes, canvas paintings, wrought iron objects such as magazine holders,coffee tables, jewelry hangers. Let’s look at a nice and useful  coffee table from English Home

a wrought iron coffee table

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This coffee table is made of wrought iron. You can also use it for decorative purposes. For instance, you can put your vases or tealights on it. There isn’t any more color alternatives, only white. However, you can spray it according to your own wish

Tips For Buying Curtains


Curtains are one of the most important items of decoration. When entering the room, one of the first things that will catch the eyes is curtains. Some tips should be followed before style and colorful curtains                                                     image source
First of all, they must be compatible with the general style of your home. If you like “country style”, the flower patterned curtains work best. However, you must choose the more spectacular ones if your style is classics. Also,whatever you choose, they must be easy to clean. You can choose stain-resistant and non-iron curtains.

plain but decorative curtains                                                     image source
Although some people don’t prefer drape curtains as they make the home a bit dark, they will add beauty into your rooms. Your drape curtains must be in an integrity with the net curtains. If the drape curtains are patterned and colorful, then the net curtains should be plain.

DIY: Recycle Your Old Grater

a jewelry holder made of an old graterimage source

You can recycle the old stuff that you  may throw away by using  your creativity. Instead of buying, you can personalize your objects by creating them yourself. Here is a simple but so useful idea! Use your old grater for different purposes with simple changes.

a candle holder made of an old grater

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Firstly, paint or spray  your old grater with one of your favorite colors. So, your jewelry  holder or earring stand is ready. You can also used it as a candle holder buy putting a tealight under it.

a pendant lamp made of an old grater

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 They can be also used as a pendant lamp!

Aquarius People and Decoration: How Do Aquarius People Decorate Their Home?

Aquarius people are so brave that they don’t afraid of making changes both in their life and Aquariushome.They are innovator, so they tend to throw the old stuff. They are not interested in antiques.They like the unique objects and need to feel so special. So, they enjoy “custom design furniture”. Their home is contemporary and plain, not full of furniture. Thick curtains and big carpets are not for them. They generally prefer navy blue, saxe blue or mixed colors in decoration. The most important thing for them is comfort. They are hot for the latest electronic tools and materials. Sometimes, their homes may seem like a space base.      image source

DIY: Create Your Own Vase

fresh flowers in a can vaseAs the summer time approaches, we need vases for our fresh flowers. There are many types of vases in terms of shape, color and the material. But, you may need to see some more alternatives. You can also create your own vases with simple methods. The tin cans can be used as  decorative vases. However,they will be adorned with  some small changes. For example, you can vivid your cans by painting them. Also, you can cover them with colorful fabrics, ribbons or lace. So, they will seem more aesthetic and will create a vintage effect in your home

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Country Style: Bring Village Life into Apartments

Country means a simple and plain life like in a village or rural. Today, we can bring the village life into our apartments with country style. If you wish to decorate your home with country style, then you are one of those who are self-indulgent.
To create a country atmosphere, you must avoid modern and minimalist decoration. You should prefer natural tones like white, light blue or brown. The sofas with huge cushions are large and comfortable. The fabrics are also natural  like cotton, linen or wool
a bedroom with country style
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You can prefer wooden and wrought iron objects. For example,a wrought iron bedstead will complete the country style. Canvas paintings depicting nature like wildflowers can add beauty into your house.The houses shouldn’t be full of furniture. The carpets don’t cover the whole surface. They should be small as much as possible. The fireplaces can also create a warm and romantic ambiance. Hand-woven curtains can be used too
a dining room with country style
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Bungalows: Simple and Cheap Houses

Bungalows are the Indian homes, wooden and single-storey. They emphasize the simplicity and nature. As India is one of the most crowded countries and the income level of people is low, they need simple and cheap houses, a bit urged by necessity
Mango Dive & Bungalow, Gili Trawangan resimleri
Mango Dive & Bungalow is used with the permission of TripAdvisor
Today, the bungalow houses are used as  a holiday option. Apart from bathroom, they have just one or two rooms. They will be absolutely a good choice for holidaymakers who wish to meet their basic needs and to be away from the luxury. They will offer a holiday surrounded by nature where you can relax and calm down

Fresh Flowers in Decorative Vases

1-fresh flowers in decorative vases image source

You can add beauty into your home by means of decorative vases.  Without vases, the houses seem a bit plain and dull. As the springtime approaches, you can vivid your home with fresh flowers in your decorative vases. Although the artificial flowers are close to reality, they don’t create the same effect like fresh ones.

The vases should create a contrast effect with your furniture and objects. The contrast colors work best. For instance, a white room with red vases will seem stunning. The vases are varied in terms of the material they are made of.
You can prefer the glass vases if you wish to create a romantic effect. Also, you can keep them fresher in glass vases. The colorful ceramic and porcelain vases can be also used.

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Make yourself happy by bringing nature into your home with a bunch of flowers. You feel good when you wake up with nice smells. Don’t forget to water your flowers!  You can keep them fresh by refreshing the water every day and cutting the peduncle once every three days.

Tips for Being Organized with Decorative Boxes

1-a special box (2)Being organized always makes you feel better.  It is really dreadful not to find your keys when you are about to leave the home. You may spend most of your time and energy to find an important paper. To overcome this problem, you should know easy but useful tips for organization. In addition to this, a well organized home always seems more beautiful. So, organization is always a good idea!
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With Transparent Cover

Boxes always come in handy. You can keep your precious things in a box with transparent cover. For example, you can store mostly used hair clips or jewelry, so you don’t have to waste your time to find them before going out.  You can prefer boxes with solid covers for your odds and ends.

1-a special box (1)Photo Boxes

As an alternative to photo albums, you can create your “photo box”.  Some objects related to the photos can be also added into the boxes. You can keep a candle on your birthday cake with your birthday photos in your box.
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As Decorative Objects

A sewing box and a medicine chest are  the other practical solutions. The boxes can be also used as decorative objects.  They are so varied in terms of shape and color. You can stress the charming atmosphere of your home with them.